B E N   L E V I T T

My background couples administrative sectors of the events industry with detailed ventures in technology, allowing me to bridge the the gap between event production and the software platforms that facilitate live entertainment. From interfacing with ticketing systems and festival databases to coordinating any number of event operations, the refined project management abilities that I developed in the engineering sector result in work that smoothly integrates my coworkers and minimizes the likelihood of costly errors and frustrating setbacks.

I presently take on contract work in events management, where the bulk of my experience is rooted in credentials administration, box office supervision and gate operations. I also work remotely as a product development specialist and inventory management consultant for several engineering projects in the Bay Area. I'm currently looking to commit to a full-time opportunity in entertainment that will synchronously utilize and develop my capacities for event production, technology support and project management.

Please see my resumé for additional details regarding my work experience.

And for all contracting inquiries, please write to hello@blevitt.com.

(I also take the occasional photo, a handful of which are featured on my home page.)

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"Everything I've seen needs rearranging, and for anyone who thinks it's strange, then you should be the first to want to make this change." - You Set the Scene by Love